Gumball3000 – Beyond Borders

Global Citizens come together to race beyond borders.

Humanity has been making transcontinental journeys for millennia, but never before have these been so many, so frequent, or so fast. Airplanes and recent innovations like Hyperloop have taken a lot of the challenge, risk, and time out of the travel itself, so while we may still have adventures at our destination, it sometimes seems we’ve lost the ability to take pleasure in getting there.

I think it’s time to enjoy the journey again, and so I’m taking part in the Gumball 3000 Rally next week. It’s certainly going to be an adventure; it’s a 3,000 mile motor rally that’s been running since 1999. It’s a real spectacle and a bit of a mad escapade – the global citizens who take part drive their own supercars, in teams of two or three, with organised stops and activities on the way – this year from Riga in Latvia to Mykonos in Greece. I am enormously excited to be taking part for the first time this year, with my friends and colleagues John Hanafin and Milos Stojanovic, in a BMW i8.

Our team alone is drawn from Canada, Ireland, and Montenegro, but there are a grand total of 42 nationalities represented on the start line, including the Maldives, the UAE, Trinidad, Russia, and Australia. This is a group of global citizens with huge scope for visa-free world travel, and the ability to do good for others at the same time. Between the teams, we are aiming to raise £250,000 for the Gumball Foundation – a charity that aims to get underprivileged youth greater opportunities in life, all over the world.

Our epic trip across Europe, through the Balkans, and down to the Mediterranean will be awesome. We’ve got stops in Warsaw, Tirana and Dubrovnik, and I’ve organized a visit to Montenegro where we’ll be hosting our 4th annual Global Citizen Forum in October. We will be driving 3,000 miles through some of the finest scenery with some of the most fun, diverse, and interesting people in the world, in some amazing cars, and all in the name of helping those less lucky than ourselves. If that isn’t a worthwhile Quest, I’m not sure what is.

Watch Arton Capital’s Gumball 3000 experience at the Global Citizen Pit Stop hosted in Montenegro.

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