Cooperation in a Fragmented World

26 January 2023

Representatives from governments, NGOs, financial institutions, and private companies from across the world met in Davos last week to discuss the most pressing issues of our time. The theme for this year was ‘cooperation in a fragmented world’; a fitting topic considering that just a cursory glance at the news…

The Davos Man and the Refugee

28 February 2019

Picture this… You are shoved into a back room, shouted at, told you’re worthless and useless. This wasn’t the welcome I was expecting at Davos. I know that ‘Davos Man’ has been somewhat derided in the past few years, but I felt this was going too far. Only this wasn’t…

Davos Man, Trump, and the Global Citizen

16 January 2017

The Chinese leadership has come to Davos, the snowy mountaintop in Switzerland