Gumball rally roars into Montenegro

05 July 2017

Engines revving, horns blaring, crowds cheering, the Gumball Rally 3000 rolled into Porto Montenegro on Wednesday. Cars and charity are passions of mine, so combining the two as Gumball has been doing since 1999 seemed like a good idea. As its name suggests, the rally is a 3,000-mile drive from…

Gumball3000 – Beyond Borders

30 June 2017

Humanity has been making transcontinental journeys for millennia, but never before have these been so many, so frequent, or so fast. Airplanes and recent innovations like Hyperloop have taken a lot of the challenge, risk, and time out of the travel itself, so while we may still have adventures at our destination, it sometimes seems we’ve lost the ability to take pleasure in getting there.